All You Need to Know About Restaurant Branding

A restaurant business is exciting, albeit challenging. How will you stand out amongst others?

Uniquely branding your restaurant is a way to attract and keep customers. Whether it’s the ambiance, decor, or (most importantly) the menu, make sure it’s something that gets everyone eagerly lining up at your door.

Check out the following details on how you can succeed at the branding game.


Create a personality for your restaurant and even a catchy tagline! Giving it character will attract your target customers, and make it known for the vibe it has. Write a mission statement and make it a personal journey so that your customers experience you in the time they spend there.

Loyalty Programs

Give your customers an incentive to come back. Utilize a loyalty program to build a relationship with your customers and reward them for returning through exclusive discounts and deals by racking up loyalty points.

Get in to the habit of emailing or texting your customers that are registered to your loyalty program about upcoming deals and limited edition menus to keep them coming back!

Social Media

This is perhaps the most important way to brand your restaurant. Utilizing mediums to reach a larger customer base won’t do the job alone. Try taking photos of your food – plate it up in an attractive way, use creative backdrops, and utilize effective lighting to take the perfect picture to post for your followers.

Keep your menu updates at all times and include pictures. Customers usually explore a restaurant’s social media pages and their reviews to see what they can expect, so keep your menu updated and creative at all times.


Every restaurant has a unique history and story that you can portray by retailing merchandises. Your goods can range from notebooks to T-shirts to mugs and even get creative with cookbooks!

Bid your customers farewell for the day by providing mementos with free matchbooks, small tote bags, or trinkets to always remember your restaurant by.

Something Special

Your restaurant could be known for a specialty that is not commonly available anywhere else. Experiment with your menu and set yourself aside from the competition by keeping your restaurant’s palate different from what’s normally offered in the market.

Being special can also go beyond food. Provide unique services, ambience, or experiences that bounce off the personality you created for your restaurant  to set yourself apart from the rest.

There are so many ways to brand your restaurant. Just don’t forget to stay creative, unique, and share the love of food!