Build a Relationship with Customers at Your Bar or Restaurant Through These Simple Tricks

A bar is a modern watering hole, a place where people of different backgrounds come to fulfill their desire of drinking and socializing. The reasons behind their visit can vary person to person. Some might be there as a part of a group of friends looking to relax with a drink, while there might be someone else who is alone looking for new people to meet and interact with.

Whatever their purpose, you, as the owner of a bar, need to start building a relationship with your customers one way or another. The whole concept of a bar is built on the foundation of socializing, so why not reinforce this concept in your establishment.

There are a few ways for you to do so, some of them being:

Personable Staff

Everyone has seen people talking to their bartenders in a movie, sharing their lives with a total stranger or actually befriending them at some point. This is not a thing that just happens in films. It’s something that occurs quite regularly and you should try to replicate it too.

For this to happen, you need an extremely personable staff that can actually interact with customers in a non-strictly professional manner. Servers and bartenders should be able to create a friendly atmosphere, where people are comfortable enough to talk to them.

Now, this does not mean your staff should just stop working and just have conversations. It means that customers need to feel that they are being listened to. Your staff should be able to provide a good balance between a casual and professional experience.

Once you or your staff develop this balanced relationship with a customer, they are more likely to come back instead of going to another venue. It’s human nature to stick with the familiar, so be that for them.

Personalized Marketing

Another way to create a link between you and a customer is through the means of personalized marketing. When a customer visits your bar, you should try your best to get some sort of personal contact information, most likely an email address. You should also try to keep track of a customer’s purchase history.

Using their contact information, which you can get through comment cards or reviews and their purchase history, you can create a personalized marketing campaign. One such example of a marketing campaign is through an emailing strategy. Create personalized emails notifying that specific customer of special nights and offers that they might be interested in.

Going through their purchase history, you might notice that they are more likely to come on special occasions such as national celebrations or sporting events. You can email them notifying them of an upcoming sporting event while offering them a discount on that occasion. This will create a situation where the customer in question is going to feel like they are personally being catered to.

If you’re thinking how you will be able to manage to pull all of this off, then I suggest that you don’t worry. By just using a bar POS system in your bar, you will have easy access to all this data that you can use for marketing. This system will help you manage all these details while you focus on the bigger picture and strengthen the bonds between your bar and the customer.

Don’t treat your bar like a run of the mill restaurant. By building upon the strengths of a bar (the social aspect), you can retain a steady flow of customers while gaining new ones at the same time.