Boost Customer Retention

People say that the ‘first impression is the most important’ and it is. But that does not mean it’s the only thing that’s important. A well-rounded experience is more than just the first impression. Especially in the business world, leaving customers with a memorable experience is vital for your business. It’s the experience that keeps people coming back.

For the sake of our argument, we will break down the consumer experience into three stages:

  • The first impression
  • Product consumption
  • The exit

Obviously, all these stages are equally important to create a memorable and lasting consumer experience. For the sake of this blog, we will briefly skim over the first two and focus on the last stage.

The First Impression

Let’s take a restaurant for example; ‘the first impression’ entails consumers, taking in their environment which would be the interior and the ambiance of the restaurant. A first impression would also include them first getting acquainted with servers and other staff.

Product Consumption

The product consumption stage in the restaurant would obviously be them eating their meal. This part of the experience is mostly dependent on the visual appeal and the quality of the food.

The Exit

Which then leave us with the exit. So how can a restaurant make a customer’s exit as smooth and memorable as possible?  Well, the answer to that is by having a well-managed restaurant.

What we mean by that is how fast and efficiently your customers are taken care of once they are done with their meal. Customers should be quickly attended to once they have finished their meal so that they can clear out their table. A messy table will leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth leaving them a bit frustrated if not taken care of promptly.

After dealing with the table, comes the part of presenting them with the bill. It should be ready to go as soon as the customers are ready to leave. The bill should have no errors and be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Enrolling in Customer Loyalty Programs and Email Marketing Lists

Even after closing their check, offer your customers to join your loyalty program or to receive marketing emails.

All of this can be executed through a POS management system. This system controls almost all of the restaurant’s technical operations. From taking orders to communicating with the staff, it manages everything in an efficient manner. The POS manages all the orders for each table allowing the staff to quickly print bills of orders which have already been put into the system earlier. This allows for the quick execution of the exit stage.

Another aspect of the POS system is the effect it has on the staff. Restaurant staff can quickly be overwhelmed due to managing multiple tables at once. A POS system removes some of this frustration by making their work easier and quicker. This allows the staff to give the customers a more personalized experience. They no longer have to manually input or repeat orders to the cashier.

With everything taken care of they can make sure that the customers leave with a smile on their face. If they do, the chances of them coming back increase exponentially