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    The smartest POS system for cafes and coffee shops

    Watch a quick video on how our iPad POS system works for coffee shops.


    Coffee Shop POS Overview

    iTab POS’s coffee shop system is lightning quick and simple to use. No matter how crazy your morning rush gets, the iTab platform streamlines your day to day, tracks sales and inventory, while providing you with the insight needed to make the right business decisions.

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    Fast ordering and payments

    Blaze through orders and transactions with ease. Our sleek and flexible countertop POS system is built to handle the morning rush with seamless order entry and check out. Customize your intuitive iTab POS menu category, sub-category and modifiers for optimum performance, then begin speeding through orders without hesitation or errors.

    Drive Repeat Business

    Increase your sales and grow your brand awareness with built-in gift and loyalty programs.

    The house accounts feature helps to manage your “VIP” clients by retaining their credit card on file along with their personal preferences

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    Inventory Tracking and Modifiers

    Track your inventory, down to the ingredient-level. Not only does this help you with knowing what to restock, but also the inventory costs. Extra shot of espresso with soy milk?

    No matter how complicated the order, our flexible modifier system allows you to program your menu with unlimited drink add-ons and modifiers.

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    Surveillance System

    Keep an eye on your coffee shop from anywhere with our integrated surveillance system provided by NestCam©. In conjunction with our inventory tracking, this solution will ensure you can thoroughly investigate any instance of shrinkage, theft, bad customer interactions, and other issues.

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    Faster payment processing

    Don’t keep customers waiting forever to get their receipt. Take cash, credit, or debit card and authorize transactions at lightning speed. Send their receipt via SMS text or email straight from the POS.

    Our POS system is fully compatible with several EMV-ready payment processing terminals and readers. Whether you want a reader attached to your iPad, a mobile POS that your servers walk around with, or just a standalone terminal, we have just what you need.

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    Access your data anytime, anywhere, any device

    Our cloud iPad Back Office system gives you access to the right data, smart dashboards and reports you need to make an educated decision, every time — from customers to staff to inventory. Get a quick snapshot of your store’s performance daily or run aggregated reports to analyze trends.

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    Our System Goes Above And Beyond

    Whether you want to take orders and payments at the table, take online orders, place self-service kiosks, or setup your own restaurant mobile app, we’ve got you covered.

    • Order & Pay At The Table
    • EMV Ready Hardware
    • Customer Profiles & House Accounts
    • Unlimited Modifiers
    • Text and Email Receipts

    Our cloud-based iPad POS system puts all your restaurant needs on one screen

    An overview of our system features.

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      Face the facts: The performance and quality of your restaurant’s point of sale system can mean the difference between profit and loss. Having the right POS solutions positively affects the functionality of every aspect of your operation. From maintaining optimum customer care standards to your ability to manage your inventory, an effective system can help your restaurant grow beyond what you imagined.

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