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The POS made to simplify restaurant operations and delight customers

Watch a 3-minute video demo of our point of sale functionality for table-service restaurants. We also have a more detailed video (click here).

Reliable, fast, customizable iPad point of sale

Increased Sales   Increased Tips    Increased Average Check

Customize your intuitive iTab POS for optimum speed, then begin speeding through orders and transactions. Upsell more profitable items with visual menu design. Increases average ticket value with automatic modifier prompts.

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Deliver amazing guest experiences

Faster Ordering   Faster Payments  Improved Service

Equip your servers with a handheld POS to instantly take orders and payments at the table. Spend more time with guests while improving order accuracy, speed, and customer service.

Setup your POS with ingredient lists, allergy information, and images for each menu item to arm your staff with the info to answer any question from a guest.

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The Floor Plan Designer

Increased Table Turnover   Improve Service   Increased Profitability

Create one or more floor plans with your table layout. If you have special events or large parties, it’s easy to move, merge, split, and transfer parties with tables.

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Access valuable data in real time

Real Time Analytics Customizable Reports   Access From Anywhere

Our genius iPad POS system gives you all the data and reports you need to make an educated decision, every time — from customers to staff to inventory.

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Our System Goes Above And Beyond

Whether you want to take orders and payments at the table, take online orders, place self-service kiosks, or setup your own restaurant mobile app, we’ve got you covered.

  • Order & Pay At The Table
  • EMV Ready Hardware
  • Table Layout Designer
  • Open Bar Tabs
  • Unlimited Modifiers
  • Customizable and Digital Receipts

Our cloud-based iPad POS system puts all your restaurant needs on one screen

An overview of our system features.

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Face the facts: The performance and quality of your restaurant’s point of sale system can mean the difference between profit and loss. Having the right POS solutions positively affects the functionality of every aspect of your operation. From maintaining optimum customer care standards to your ability to manage your inventory, an effective system can help your restaurant grow beyond what you imagined.

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