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Learn How iTab POS Can Help Your Restaurant


Run your full-service or fast-casual pizzeria at optimal performance


Unlimited modifiers, unlimited possibilities

Add pepperoni, bacon, and extra cheese. Half-side with olives and the other half with green peppers. Whatever monstrosity of a pizza your customer wants, iTab supports unlimited modifers options for all your pizza toppings. Quickly input and customize orders for your cashiers and servers.

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Pizza by the slice

One stand-out feature of iTab POS is Pizza By The Slice. Your customer can customize toppings down to a single slice of the pizza. Your servers can select a side of the pizza–whether its a half, a quarter, or even an eighth, and specify the toppings for each portion.

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Online ordering website, mobile app, and deliveries

With iTab, you can have your very own online ordering system or mobile app with no programming required. Our online ordering platform will feature your menu and allow customers to order and pay directly. If you would like to offer delivery service, our POS system has it all built-in.

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Monitor key performance indicators in real time

Get a clear picture of your operational performance with our built-in analytics dashboard and extensive reporting modules.

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Ingredient-level tracking and recipe control

iTab POS can calculate the cost of each menu item by adding and calculating the cost of each individual ingredient that goes into the recipe. In addition to controlling costs more effectively, you can determine optimal pricing for your menu items and profit margins by utilizing our inventory recipe controls.

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Our System Goes Above And Beyond

Whether you want to take orders and payments at the table, take online orders, place self-service kiosks, or setup your own restaurant mobile app, we’ve got you covered.

  • Order & Pay At The Table
  • EMV Ready Hardware
  • Customer Profiles & House Accounts
  • Unlimited Modifiers
  • Text and Email Receipts

Our cloud-based iPad POS system puts all your restaurant needs on one screen

An overview of our system features.

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Face the facts: The performance and quality of your restaurant’s point of sale system can mean the difference between profit and loss. Having the right POS solutions positively affects the functionality of every aspect of your operation. From maintaining optimum customer care standards to your ability to manage your inventory, an effective system can help your restaurant grow beyond what you imagined.

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