Free Online Ordering Program – Terms and Conditions

By signing up, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined by our ToS document and privacy policy. All Rights Reserved. iTab POS ADVANCED license with the online ordering module is being provided to registered and approved applicants. This program allows users to utilize iTab POS free online ordering subscriptions and is valid for up to six (6) months. The cost of the subscription to the iTab POS software of one ADVANCED license will be waived for up to 6 months along with the Online Ordering module.

In addition, one free non-mandatory webinar training session will be conducted on a specified date and time to instruct all new iTab POS trial users on how to configure the system. It is not mandatory to attend the training webinar, but we highly recommend all new users and their staff to attend. The training webinar link and meeting details will be provided via email, and a reminder email will be sent one day prior to the actual session. All iTab POS trial users are required to set up and configure their own system, including system and store settings, menu programming, device configuration, and implementation/installation for the business. All iTab POS trial users and registrants of this program are also customers under CompuTant and DataNet Systems, Inc for the purposes of account management and billing.

Training materials such as training documents, videos, and links to the knowledge base will also be provided to all registered users free of charge. Upon completion of the two-week trial, provided the trial account user agrees to move forward in using the system, we will activate the 6-month free subscription offer. From the time of the two-week trial’s activation concludes, and the 6 months free subscription period has ended (date to be assigned to all users), iTab POS users have the option to purchase a subscription on a monthly or annual subscription basis at the Advanced subscription listed price. Additional licenses, addon modules, third party integrations, processing fees, and other charges incurred by the user will be payable to CompuTant on the payment terms agreed upon via a proposal. The software subscription package will not be prorated for the remaining 6 months of a typical annual subscription, instead a new annual or month-to-month subscription will be applied based on the iTab POS user’s decision. You are not required to continue using the system past the 6-month free subscription, however, any balance incurred by the iTab POS user or is due to iTab POS, CompuTant, or DataNet Systems, Inc. must be cleared and paid to them within (30) thirty days from the completion of the 6-month period or from the date of cancellation prior. Any additional hardware, software add-ons, and services are subject to a charge to the iTab POS user’s business to be collected by CompuTant/DataNet Systems, Inc., this includes credit card processing fees, live training, value-added services, order and receipt printers, scanners, networking devices, other system peripherals, add-on modules, and services such as on-site support, remote and phone support, configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance, customization, implementation, and programming services, and any other product or service beyond what is provided by this subscription program.

We reserve the right to refuse any applicant for any reason. By agreeing to our terms, you are accepting our right to cancel or revoke the offer at any time for any reason.  Financial losses as a result of poor implementation, configuration, or economic conditions are assumed by the iTab POS user and bear no responsibility or accountability on part of CompuTant, iTab POS, or DataNet Systems, Inc. Any issues as a result of the iTab POS system are not subject to prosecution and the end-user assumes all risk involved and is responsible for losses incurred. All business partners and partner agencies involved in this program represent their own company, brand, and values, and any statement issued by our partners do not reflect that of CompuTant, iTab POS, or DataNet Systems, Inc. Any payment provided to CompuTant must be provided with a signed and accepted proposal, along with an authorization for the charges. You agree all charges authorized are uncontestable. We will provide all proposals and service agreements via email, and can be electronically paid for with a credit card or by mailing a physical check. Failure to pay any charges or charges incurred that become delinquent may result in the involvement of a debt collection agency for the purpose of collection and retrieval of monies owed and cancellation/suspension of all services. All iTab POS users are required to purchase an annual service agreement for support services beyond the standard included, such as email support, but must purchase a service agreement for phone support, on-site installation, and any other services outside of what iTab POS determines to be free or included. See the full list of additional service charges in the previous paragraph. Request an annual service agreement by calling our business office line and sales department, or by emailing us through the website. Any services beyond what is provided in this program, requested before, during, or after signing up for the program, are subject to charge.

All information necessary to configure and implement an iTab POS system must be provided in a timely manner at the request of CompuTant and related partners. Any late, inaccurate, missing, or incorrect information provided may result in delays in implementing the system for use or in cancellation of the service. Delays may occur due to a high volume of requests, system downtime, or maintenance, and as a result, may cause delays in our support services, and we cannot guarantee the system will be ready for use or usable at any given time for any given reason. Any services requested must be submitted through our automated phone system (option 2 on any of our phone lines) or submitted via email to Please detail who you are, the company you are with, the issue you are having to the best of your knowledge, followed by the best contact method and contact information (phone number, email address). Once we receive your request, do not contact us any further. A technician will be assigned to your ticket and will follow up with you accordingly. We will attempt no more than once to contact you via phone, followed by one email. Failure to respond to either call or email within 3 days will automatically close the ticket and you will be charged per the terms of a service agreement or to be billed via service agreement as a payable to DataNet Systems, Inc. and CompuTant. The ticket will automatically close and you will be required to submit another ticket for further assistance.

iTab POS customers are to provide their own Apple iPad and verify compatibility with our team. It is recommended to use the latest model, generation, and up-to-date operating system on all iPad devices used for iTab POS. We recommend iPads that are no more than 1 or at most 2 years old from the time of purchase. We do not fix issues with the Apple iPad, the user must refer to the manufacturer for any issues with the iPad hardware, operating system, and software. All issues related to iTab POS may be submitted to us. You may also purchase a POE lightning adapter (or USB-C) to powered ethernet if you plan to hardwire the iTab POS system, but this is unnecessary if the system is run over WiFi. Consult with us about the differences by contacting our sales or technical support. The client (iTab POS user) must have WiFi and internet service available at the store location to use iTab POS, and space for the POS terminal and any network hardware devices. Consult with our sales representatives to learn or refer to the training documentation for details and instructions.

All items found in our standard terms of service are also applicable to this program’s applicants which can be found here:

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