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    All the POS hardware your restaurant needs to run smoothly


    POS Hardware Overview

    The best-in-class iPad POS hardware is here! iTab POS has the most innovative and aesthetically eye-catching hardware on the market. No bulky terminals or excessive cables and wires–we’re all about wireless connectivity, modernity, and flexibility.


    POS Terminals and Enclosures

    iTab POS runs on Apple iPad and iOS devices for fast performance (Windows and Android compatible devices are on the way!), great battery life, and minimal form-factor design. Clunky “legacy” POS systems take up too much space and look outdated. Why not have modern, powerful, and reliable  hardware instead?


    EMV Payment Terminals & Card Readers

    It’s imperative to utilize EMV technology for your businessince since the liability shift regarding fraudulent credit card activity. It now falls on the merchant if they choose to process payments only via mag stripe. Protect your customers’ sensitive information with the latest in emerging transaction technologies and EMV-ready systems.

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    Self-ordering Kiosks

    Want to take point of sale to the next level? Self-service kiosks allow your customers to input their order and pay directly from it. In turn, this decreases your labor cost, improves checkout speed, and convenience factor for overall guest satisfaction.


    Kitchen Display Systems

    Customize your entire kitchen workflow and keep chefs organized with an intuitive KDS. Orders are sent to the KDS directly from the POS which alerts your chefs. Your chefs simply press a button or use the touch-screen when the order is ready to serve.


    Receipt and Kitchen Printers

    Our printers are available in Bluetooth and wired (Ethernet) for kitchen and customer receipts. Typically, we setup a thermal printer for customer receipts (as they are quiet and print quickly) that uses heat to print on paper, and an impact printer that uses ink which is ideal for kitchens.


    Wireless Connectivity and Networking Devices

    We have several of the best-in-class wireless networking devices on the market. Our recommended routers broadcast wirelessly up to 1,000 square feet, but if you have a large restaurant or need 10+ devices, you can also get access points to extend your wireless coverage.


    POS Accessories

    Depending on your restaurant concept, you may need other hardware accessories. Get your scales, pole displays, scanners, and USB hubs through iTab POS.


    Surveillance System

    Keep an eye on your operation from anywhere with our integrated surveillance system provided by NestCam©. In conjunction with our inventory tracking, this solution will ensure you can thoroughly investigate any instance of shrinkage or theft.

    iTab POS Goes Above And Beyond

    Whether you want to take orders and payments at the table, take online orders, place self-service kiosks, or setup your own restaurant mobile app, we’ve got you covered.

    • Order & Pay At The Table
    • EMV Ready Hardware
    • Customer Profiles & House Accounts
    • Unlimited Modifiers
    • Text and Email Receipts

    Put all your restaurant needs on one screen

    An overview of all system features.

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      Face the facts: The performance and quality of your restaurant’s point of sale system can mean the difference between profit and loss. Having the right POS solutions positively affects the functionality of every aspect of your operation. From maintaining optimum customer care standards to your ability to manage your inventory, an effective system can help your restaurant grow beyond what you imagined.

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