Link your restaurant to over 30 available delivery services!

Fully integrate iTab POS to UberEats, BiteSquad, Postmates, and more


One system to handle multiple delivery services at once

There are so many different delivery services available today. What if you use more than one delivery service? It is a lot to manage!

iTab’s delivery integration sends all delivery orders, even from multiple delivery service companies, to your POS system. Your servers don’t have to manually ring up each order and the order details get sent directly to the kitchen printer or display system.

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    30+ Supported Delivery Platforms

    The orders that your customers place using the platforms will close and be sent to the kitchen without any manual work. The reports of all these transactions will be available for your needs.

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    Online Ordering Reports

    Get an overview of your online sales through iTab’s online ordering analytics dashboard. Track your average online order amount, total daily orders, top menu items, and customers who order the most from anywhere on any device.

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    iTab POS Goes Above And Beyond

    Whether you want to take orders and payments at the table, take online orders, place self-service kiosks, or setup your own restaurant mobile app, we’ve got you covered.

    • Order & Pay At The Table
    • EMV Ready Hardware
    • Customer Profiles & House Accounts
    • Unlimited Modifiers
    • Text and Email Receipts

    Put all your restaurant needs on one screen

    An overview of all system features.

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      Face the facts: The performance and quality of your restaurant’s point of sale system can mean the difference between profit and loss. Having the right POS solutions positively affects the functionality of every aspect of your operation. From maintaining optimum customer care standards to your ability to manage your inventory, an effective system can help your restaurant grow beyond what you imagined.

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